Becoming Pretty Creeepy

We are Natasha and Kira Strasser, sisters from the same mister. There’s a lot of things in this life that have gone haywire, for the two of us. We have had death of a mother, divorce, heartbreak, loss and we are fucking sick of it. We are sick of feeling like that’s all there is, when we could be doing something, that’s when Pretty Creeepy came into play. We are almost ten years apart, yet we have many shared interests. We enjoy baking, beauty, the vegan lifestyle, fashion, and booze, which is basically what this site will consist of. We are planning on doing subscription boxes in the near future which will have components of everything mentioned above with a witchy twist. We will also be posting recipes of vegan goodness, fashion and beauty tips, and updates. If you consider yourself a witch with some pastel flare, then follow Pretty Creeepy!

Love, Natasha & Kira

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